SQLBuddyLite – phpMyAdmin alternative

SQLBuddyLite is a lighter version of the excellent SQLBuddy available from http://www.sqlbuddy.com

The lite version is an exact copy of the original version but all the files have been combined into only 4 files.


SQLBuddyLite is a lighter version of SQLBuddy by Calvin Lough

Why do you need a lite version?

A typical situation is where you have limited access to the user’s site say only FTP access and you need to verify the database structures. The easiest way to tackle the problem is to upload SQLBuddy and view the data structures.

The lite version makes it quicker to upload files. The lite version does not compromise on the functions; it only reduces the files drastically to only 4 files, thus speeding up remote site management.

Only English language is supported in the latest release.


For security reasons, there is no demonstration version available.




1. PHP
2. mySQL
3. Apache mod-rewrite

Getting Started

Download and upload all the sqlbuddylite folder to your server


SQLBuddyLite is hosted on Google Code
Direct download link for SQLBuddyLite


MIT-style license


Do let me know your suggestions on how we can improve this code or any other features you would like to add.

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