Collabtweet – Multiple Users, Single Twitter Account

Collabtweet is now deprecated and has been replaced with SocialTurn. Read my post regarding SocialTurn

Enable multiple users to post to a single collaborative twitter account.

Why would you need such a program?
1. You run a small company/group which you would like twitter users to follow
2. You would like twitter users to follow a single brand (twitter account) and not separate multiple users
3. You would like a simple slick interface to enable your users to post to your collaborative twitter account
4. You would like to hide your real twitter account password from your users
5. You would like to automatically add “-username” to all tweets by a user
6. You would like to host this service on your own server

Please login with one of the following username/password combination:

Click here to launch Collabtweet demo

For demonstration purposes, I am using a dummy twitter account- http://www.twitter.com/collabtweet


Collabtweet Login Screen Collabtweet Tweet Screen
Collabtweet Tweeted! Twitter Outcome!

Collabtweet – Multiple Users, Single Twitter Account

Web server capable of running PHP

Simple edit config.php and modify the users which can access your account and your twitter username and password.


// Username => Password
// Username will be used as nickname
$users = array(
"USER1" => "PASS1",
"USER2" => "PASS2",
"USER3" => "PASS3"


Future Updates
1. Ability to manage users using a web interface

Do let me know your suggestions on how we can improve this code or any other features you would like to add.

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